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-scanner? yeah I figured it out thanks for the help is there anyway to remove the lock icon on the panel from openbox? matlock: np but I wonder what is the difference between the swap partition and a swap file shauntablet: why would you want to remove it? matlock: umm you don't need to use swap files but if your machine has no swap partition that's not possible well I just realised it's not only the lock icon which disappears when unity is used so I wanted to know if it was possible to remove that lock icon shauntablet: it's possible to use the unity-plugin to bring back the launcher shauntablet: there is an option in ccsm for it I'm not sure what it's called. histo: is the difference how it works? I'm not using unity, I'm using openbox matlock: let me find a guide hold on oke, thanks shauntablet: you can try in and ask there. I'm not sure if that's an official option so there is no way to remove the lock icon from openbox? ok, I'll have a look shauntablet: sure you can ask in #openbox but it's not really related to ubuntu support. They may have an easier way. I'll try the openbox channel :) shauntablet: I think I found this : hi I have the gnome desktop but i just installed unity. can I have both? do i have to install compiz and if so how do i go about it? anyone use kde? can I have both? jonah: sure. you can pick the session in lightdm.



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Unlockhdexe Acer

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