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Who Is Nails2Tails?

Hi! I'm Leanne, and I'll Be Your Pet's Second Best Friend

As a lifelong animal lover, I knew from an early age that I would end up working with animals in some way. 

Originally I wanted to be a vet, but life took me on a different path.  While at university however, I got my first paying job in the animal field, at a local Pet Valu.  This opened my eyes to the world of animal care outside a vet clinic. 

Having done a co-op term at a vet clinic in high school, I had some good basic skills to build on.  We were often asked if we knew of somewhere that customers could get their pet's nails trimmed that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.  My co-worker-turned-best-friend and I set up the original nail trimming days at Pet Valu.  

From there, we moved to offering a mobile service for those who couldn't get their pets to us.  And thus, we'd been bit by the grooming bug. 

Fast forward a few years and still being unsure how I was going to use my animal abilities as a career, I got a job at a vet clinic.  I spent almost 4 years there as a veterinary assistant and my mind was an absolute sponge.  I learned handling, bathing and complete cat grooming, among other things.  I absolutely would not be in the position I am today without that clinic. Shout out to Oakpark Pet Hospital in Oakville. 

I left the clinic when I had my first son, and after maternity leave was over, I was able to work part time at a local grooming shop.  I worked with some excellent groomers and was able to really learn how to get good finishes. 

After having my second son, we decided that staying home was the best for us and so we set up my salon in our house.

I am constantly looking to learn and improve my skills.  I have taken levels 1 and 2 of animal communication as well as a course on the complete Newfoundland Show Groom.  I have found my passion.  

On my rare days off, you can usually find me hanging with my kiddos, catching up on Netflix or spending time at the family cottage.

TL;DR - Loved animals my whole life, now I get to work with them everyday.

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