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Over The Rainbow Bridge

This section is dedicated to the pets that were part of my life, whether as clients or my own personal pets.  

I formed a bond with every singe one.  

A lot of what I do is dedicated and based on a few animals that were very close to me.  Harley and Taffy were our family dogs that were both very special to us.  

After I moved in with my best friend, we had 4 cats and her dog together.  Jimmi, Mason, Tookis, Vinnie and Xenga. 

Eventually Vinnie and Xenga ended up living with me. They welcomed both my sons with absolutely open paws.  Never so much as a hiss or a swat. They were snuggled and squished and chased by little toddler people and they both took it in stride. These boys taught me so much and I am eternally grateful to them. 

Over my years as a groomer I have lost more animal clients than I wish to count. I don't have photos of all of them, but here are the ones I do have.  Please enjoy them, and know that I truly love every single one.

In Memorium: Text

Client Pets Waiting Over the Rainbow Bridge

In Memorium: Text
In Memorium: Pro Gallery

Xenga, Vinnie, Harley and Jimmi

In Memorium: Text
In Memorium: Pro Gallery
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