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Because It's Quite Literally My House


Please be as punctual as possible.  I start afternoon appointments at 4pm because I pick up one kiddo at the bus just before that.  Coming early usually means I am not ready for your dog, and coming late can eat into the time for the next appointment. 


Please be near your phone and available to pick up your pup when I let you know they will be ready.  Some days I have many appointments back to back and because your pet gets one on one service, and we have no crates or cages, I can’t start my next dog until the current one goes home. Picking up on time really helps keep everything running smoothly.


Please try and potty your dogs before they come into the salon.  If they make a mess at any point during the groom, it takes time and often more product and cleaning products to clean it up.  I know nervousness happens and that’s ok.  I will never be upset with your dog or you for making a mess, but if we can take a quick extra step to make sure they have pottied beforehand (both pee and poop), it will make everyone’s lives easier.


Please be kind and courteous. I am one person trying to run an entire business. I may not reply immediately, I make mistakes but I promise to be open and honest and kind. 

Please remember that you are coming to my home, where my family lives.  Kindness and respect go much farther than hostility and animosity.

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