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Add Ons and Extras

Nails2Tails offers a variety of extra services that other grooming shops may not. Check out their descriptions and information here then head to the shop page to purchase, or include them in the "add another service" section when booking.


Pick Up and Drop Off Service

There are any number of reasons why you may not be able to pick up or drop off your pet for their appointment.  I am happy to do a pick up and/or drop off for you.  I drive a soccer mom mini van and your pup gets their choice of seat. 
The cost for these services is based on distance and time.  The travel fee will be charged as a flat rate, round trip fare (meaning the total kms driven include my house to your house and back.  i.e if you live 7km from me one way, your travel fee is 14 km so is in the 10-15km category).
Categories will be 
Under 10km round trip - $10
10-15km round trip - $15
15-20km round trip - $20
20-25km round trip - $25
25+km round trip - $30+

Nagayu Bath Treatment

Nagayu is a sort of healing bath bomb for your pet.  It gets dissolved in water and then poured over the entire body.  

Developed in Japan, and based on the narutal hot springs of the region for which it was named, Nagayu treatments use CO2 to help with many topical issues pets have.

If your pup has any kind of skin issue, such as itchiness, yeast, warts, sores, allergies, elephant skin etc, we now offer the NAGAYU treatment system. Click here for more info about it.  


Teeth Cleaning

Emmi-Pet is a teeth cleaning system developed in Germany.  It uses ultrasound technology and specialized toothpaste to clean your pet's teeth without any noise or vibration. Watch this video to learn more.

Ideal for pets with dirty teeth, the Emmi-Pet system should not be used on pets with more severe dental disease, loose teeth, abscesses or anything that requires a veterinary visit. 

Your first purchase includes a tooth brush head specifically for your dog, the first cleaning which includes the introductory period for your dog to get used to the feeling of the brush and paste, as well as 10 follow up appointments. 

It is recommended that there are at least 10-12 weekly appointments following the initial one.  This is to ensure the most complete clean. 

Maintenance is necessary and usually can coincide with grooming appointments. 

Paw Balm

Paw Balm is the perfect solution for those salty winter walks.  Made from beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil, it works to keep paw pads moisturized and prevents salt and snow from getting stuck in there.  
Hand made by me, the paw balm comes in a paw sized tin so you can just rub your pup's foot right in it and then massage it up between the pads and toes. 
Head to the shop page to purchase, or add it to your next grooming service.


Custom Bandanas

Customized bandanas on a variety of fabrics.  I can put almost anything on the bandana that you would like (Name, a funny saying, something specific to your dog etc) and there are a large variety of fabrics and patterns. 
Check out the shop page for the most up to date patterns. It is being updated all the time so if there isn't a pattern that you like, please reach out.

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