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Pawlicies And Procedures

My P.A.W.S.S Promise and Other Pertinent Information

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This is my 

             Promise to 



                Smarter and 


I incorporate this into every single pup I work with.  I prioritize their comfort and safety while still doing my best to make them cute.  


Humanity Over Vanity

As well as my P.A.W.S.S, I will always put your pet's health first.  
If there is something that causes discomfort or has the potential to do more harm than good, I won't do it.  I truly love making them cute, but making them comfortable will always be top priority.
This may include, but is not limited to things like dematting to keep a longer length, having to lift or move them in a way that causes pain, or continuing past the point where it is medically safe.

senior groom.jpg

Senior Pet Love

Senior dogs are awesome.  They do often need a little more of a gentle touch and more patience.  
With senior pups, they get lots of breaks to rest, extra towels to lie on, they don't have to stand unless absolutely necessary.  
I have straps to assist with support in the tub and on the table, there is a mat in the tub to prevent slipping and usually paw pads are done first to give them as much grip as possible.  
Senior dogs usually take a little bit longer, as I like to gain their trust, and of course, humanity over vanity. 
I will always do what is in their best interest, if there is matting it gets shaved, a shorter length is recommended, sometimes there are bits and spots that don't look perfect.  I let them lead and tell me how much they can handle. 
I promise to never push them past more than they can tolerate.


Do You Ever Get Bit?

Sometimes.  Honestly I've been bit more by cats, they're less predictable.
Usually I can read a dog's body language and signals.  I can see the looks they give me, I can feel the tension in their bodies and I can usually prevent aggression because of this. 
Sometimes dogs don't like having certain things done, like nails or faces.  When this is the case I take my time and work to build their trust.  Slow movements and making sure that none of what I am doing hurts or causes any discomfort.  Often dogs get snappy because of previous bad experiences, pain or fear.  By striving to counteract both of these, I am able to build trust.  This is one of the key aspects of my work at Nails2Tails.  The experience should be as positive for the pups as possible.


What If My Dog Is Anxious?

Anxious and nervous dogs are one of the things I see the most.  Often the pup is nervous because they've had a previous negative experience and now the pet parent has an overwhelming anxiety about the grooming process that they are passing on to their pup.  
I work especially hard to build trust in these dogs.  Sometimes they turn into completely different pups away from their owner, sometimes they are just vibrating and panting the whole way through.  I haven't yet had a dog with anxiety that hasn't had a good experience here.  They might disagree and pretend I'm the worst person ever, but if they are a little bit nervous and not aggressive because of it, we can continue to work on it and build up trust.  The best thing an owner can do is trust me and know that their pet will be getting the highest standard of care.

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Puppy Power

One of the most crucial aspects about grooming is getting a pup used to it at the earliest stage possible.  Poodle breeders start shaving the faces of their pups as early as 4 weeks.  
At Nails2Tails, we have a puppy introduction process.  Depending on the age of your pup, but ideally as soon as they have their second set of shots, I want to see them.  We just hang out, snuggle, listen to the different sounds of the water in the tub, the clippers, the dryer etc.  We learn about brushing and nail clipping.  We develop a bond. 
The next date is usually a bath date.  Nails get done, pup gets a bath, dried and brushed out.  Sometimes this takes a while, sometimes the pups get accustomed to it quickly. 
If they are still nervous of the process, I will get them to come back for a few more bath days before their first full groom. 
This way, by the time they are needing their first complete haircut and groom, they are used to all the aspects of the process and this makes the lifelong grooming much less stressful for them.

Canine Hairdresser

Statute Of Limitations

There are occasions where the pet may be too stressed, or in too much pain or just too scared to safely finish the groom.  
In knowing that these situations can and do occur, I promise that I will never put a pet in a position that will cause undue harm.  Be it mental, physical or emotional harm.  
I will accomplish what can be done safely and without ever pushing past the boundaries that the pet is communicating to me.  
As the pet owner, I ask that you inform me of any and all prior medical conditions and poor experiences.  You also accept that in cases where it is in the best interest of the pet, the groom may not be complete. You accept that in cases where the pet is matted or impacted, I will shave as required.  I will not sacrifice the comfort of the dog to satisfy an aesthetic.
I will always treat your pet with love and respect and will always stay within my P.A.W.S.S policy.


How Is A Home Environment Helpful?

Being a one on one groomer has many advantages, for the pet, the pet parent and the groomer.  
On a personal level, it allows me to set my own hours and be available to my kids when I'm needed.
It allows for the chance to bond with the pet.  It is a stress free environment with no other animals or sounds or stressors.  I am able to give my full and undivided attention to the current client without any other distractions.  
It gives me the opportunity to foster real, personal relationships with pet owners.  I get the unique ability to have longer conversations and truly learn about the pet and their history, personality or any other pertinent information before the groom even begins. 
All these advantages culminate in allowing me to give my best self to the pet.  I am able to build trust, to learn what works best for the pet, to give them breaks as needed without added pressure to get them home or done by a certain time.  I get to chat with pet parents about things that may help their pets quality of life and impart some of my wisdom and knowledge to help them live their best lives.

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