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Frequently Asked Questions and Other Tidbits

FAQs: Services

Do You Express Anal Glands?

Typically no.  It is not recommended as having them done manually can create a dependence which can reduce the ability of the dog to express them naturally.  
However, due to my veterinary training, I am comfortable doing them, when the owners mention it and I can tell that the dog needs it.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no concrete answer to this one.  There are many variables, with coat condition, temperament and size being the major factors.  
A small dog who is matted and likes to taste fingers might cost more than a perfectly behaved larger dog in good shape.


How Often Does My Pet Need A Groom?

Again, there is no concrete answer to this one.  
Double coated dogs typically need to be groomed less often as their fur doesn't grow beyond a certain length. I recommend NO LESS than 4x per year, or once a season. 
For dogs who have a coat that grows continuously, in order to keep them comfortable and manageable, I recommend between 6 - 10 weeks between grooms.

Do You Come To Me?

The short version is no, not for dog grooms.  I have a fully set up salon and I can do what I need to do to give your pet the best care while keeping us both safe.
I do however, offer in home nail trims in between grooms for dogs that will allow it.
I also offer pick up and drop off.
Cats are typically done in their home as they are more comfortable there.  See cats in the services section for more details.


My Dog Has Short Hair.  He doesn't Need To Be Groomed, Right?

Wrong.  Short haired dogs often shed more than their long haired counterparts.  A proper groom is good for their skin and coat health, as well as the added benefit of an extra set of eyes and hands on your pup.  Groomers often find lumps and bumps owners hadn't noticed previously.

Why Is It So Expensive?

There are a myriad of answers to this one and I hear it asked often.  The shortest answer is that materially speaking, grooming is not a cheap endeavour. Good tools are expensive to purchase and need regular maintenance.  Factor in time spent honing my craft and improving my skills, time spent doing the actual groom as well as other overhead costs. 
And that's assuming your dog is good. 
To put it in perspective, a full groom is the equivalent to a manicure, pedicure, full body wash and massage, a brazilian wax (I don't use wax, but I clean up potty areas), and a whole body haircut...on a wiggly, spinning, biting, pooping, peeing, moving target.


What Products Do You Use?

The product line that I use is almost exclusively Chris Christensen.  It is a high quality line created specifically for grooming dogs.  There are multiple different types of shampoos and conditioners and I choose based on skin condition and coat type.  Find the products and brushes here

How Do I Know What To Pick When Booking An Appointment?

Booking is super easy. 
Simply find the category for the size of your dog and select that one. 
Within each category there are 5 types of services based on your dog's coat. 
To book for more than one dog at a time, select ADD A SERVICE before moving on to the next section.

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