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What I Can Do for Your Pet

I offer one-on-one grooming services from my home.  Your pet will never be crated or confined and there is never more than one client in the salon at a time.  I am able to give all my attention to your pet at all times and using my animal communication skills and my veterinary training, I promise to give your pet the care and love they deserve.  I use my skills to teach dogs that have had poor experiences to love the process.  My individual setting allows dogs with high anxiety to have a much better experience.  I groom and love all breeds, sizes and temperaments, but I'm partial to giant double coated fluffballs.

Services : Services

Basic Cut

A Basic Cut is the works! 


- Bath

- Condition

- Blow Dry

- Nail Trim

- Ears Cleaned

- Haircut 

This is a complete haircut, without any fancy flare or floof.  Often seen on doodles and shih tzus with owners who prefer an easy to maintain length.  Depending on how fast your dog's hair grows, as well as coat type and home maintenance, we recommend a full groom service every 6-8 weeks.

If you are after a more detailed cut, or a breed specific look, please choose Breed Cut when booking.

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